I want to sell my sneakers (FAQ)

What types of sneakers are customers currently asking for in your store?

Brand new Jordan 4s, Travis Scott Jordan 1s, Yeezy Slides, Yeezy Foam Rnrs, and Dunks.  The more current the release, the higher the demand and more likely it will move quickly.  Conversely, the older the release the harder it is to sell.  Sizes 9-12 sell well.  Sizes below 9 and larger than 12 are harder to move.  Brand new items sell better than worn/used.  Shoes that don't fall in these categories are risky purchases at the moment. 

My shoe sells for this much on Stockx! Will you buy it? 

Just because your shoe has value on Stockx or sells well in another sneaker shop, doesn't mean it will sell well in our store.  We have a specific set of customers that are looking for certain items.  Jackets may sell well in Norway right now, but don't in Phoenix in the Arizona summer.  What sells in New York or Los Angeles may not sell in Phoenix.  We have to judge what we buy using this same logic.  Sometimes you will have a better chance selling your shoe(s) on Stockx/Goat than we will in our store.  They have a much larger customer base and the likelihood of selling it there is much greater.    

How much do you pay?

It depends on the shoe and how popular it is, but remember we need room as a store to profit and aren't wearing them.  Typically we like to have a 20-50% margin on anything we buy.  We do look at the Stockx "payout" (the amount you'd get by selling your shoes on Stockx after they take all their fees).  We start from there when making an offer if the shoe is brand new, relatively popular and is in demand.  We may offer less than the "payout" amount or decline to buy outright if the shoe isn't in demand, is worn/tried on, or is in bad condition without the box.

Example: If you sold a shoe on Stockx for $280, payout would be around $243.  We would look at $243 at a starting point for an offer IF your shoe was in demand

I looked at Stockx.  Will you buy my shoe for the lowest ask amount?

We never pay the lowest ask amount and never go above it.  We need to have room to make a profit or it isn't worth our time.  If you want the highest amount for your item, you will need to find and sell to someone who is going to use it/wear it.  That's the biggest mistake we see when customers try to sell to us.  The best example is trying to sell a PS5 to a pawnshop versus selling to a parent who is buying one for their children for Christmas.  You'll definitely get a lot more from the parent.  Even though we pay much better than a pawnshop, we aren't going to pay as much as someone who is going to be the end user. Again, we have to have room for a profit.  

Why should I sell to a store then?

It's safe.  You don't have to worry about someone robbing, scamming, or harming you if agree to meet someone locally. 

It's quick.  You get the cash immediately.  You don't have to box and ship anything to Stockx/Goat/Ebay and then wait a week or longer to get your "payout".  Plus there is no guarantee that your shoe with pass their authentication process especially if it has any defects or box damage.  We are not as nit-picky.  Customers buying in store are less likely to have concerns with box damage or shoe defects because they can inspect it in person before purchasing.  

But you will sell the shoes for double what you offered me!

That's not true.  Not everything sells and customers won't pay any price.  Typically we make 20-30% on each shoe we buy.  When negotiating to buy from customers, we have to think of the price we will sell the item at so it can sell in a reasonable amount of time in store.  Customers will just choose to buy from another store or Goat/Stockx/Ebay if we price the item too high.  We have to negotiate a number that allows us to 1) make a profit and 2) sell the item relatively quickly 

Can I get just what I paid for the shoe?

That's not always the case.  We have to look at market value- what the shoes are actually selling for.  Sometimes a shoe goes down in value because demand is low and isn't very popular.  If market value is $125 and you paid $170, you may have to sell the shoe at a loss or hold on to it with the hopes that it goes back up.  Again, we start at the "payout" number from Stockx when making an offer.  Buying a shoe for $170 that has a value of $125 would automatically put us at a $45 deficit.  The likelihood of a shoe going up in value that has this low of a demand in the first place is highly unlikely.  It also could take many years if it ever does.  Shoes like this are a risky investment for us a store unless we buy them at an extremely low number.  Anything will sell at a certain price point. That's the business model for dollar stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.  

What is considered brand new?

Shoes that have NEVER been worn, tried on, and have never had a foot inside them- even just for a quick second in your home when you got them.  Lacebags and tags are still attached.  The box must be in good condition.  It's easy to tell when a shoe has been tried on or worn.  It's also not fair or ethical to misrepresent your shoe as brand new to an unsuspecting customer when it has been worn in some capacity. 

Are you buying worn/used shoes?

Currently we are only buying brand new shoes.  We can offer store credit for worn/used/tried on pairs.  

How long do your offers last?

Typically we give you until close of business that day to confirm/accept our offer and then give you 24 hours to come in to the store to complete the sale.  If you don't confirm by close of business that day AND/OR come in the store within 24 hours, the offer is null/void and we aren't obligated to purchase your item any further.  The market value of shoes goes up and down daily and as a result our offers aren't permanent.  If the time period expires, you can reach out again to discuss a new offer.  We only discuss offers for shoes that you have in hand! 



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