Consignment Conditions

Conditions for Consignment:

-Shoes must be Deadstock (brand new, never tried on) or Near Deadstock (can be lightly used or worn).  All accessories like extra laces or Off White tags must be included (not including the Off White tag can reduce the salability or price of your shoe)

-Box must be included and must be new or in very good condition

-If used, shoe and soles must be as clean as possible.  We encourage you to use a shoe cleaning product on the shoe and soles before bringing them in. 

You may be assessed a cleaning $5-$10 fee to clean items before placing them on the show floor and website.  

What are we consigning:

-We are taking Yeezys, Jordans, Off White, Travis Scotts, Dunks, streetwear, etc.  Typically if it resells over retail value, we will take it.  NOT taking streetwear at this time.  


We use a 20/80 ratio.  That means you get 80% (minus credit card, Affirm, or Paypal processing fees) of your asking price and we get 20.  You will get paid TWO WEEKS after your item sells.  We will pay you out with a store check.  

Card Processing Fees:

Credit Card: 1.7% + .20 per transaction

Paypal: 2.7%


We will work together to price your item.  Look at Stockx and Goat for price points for your item.  Staying within $0 to a $100 of Stockx's lowest bid is a good measure to help your item sell quickly.  


 Minimum 30 days. Removing an item before this term will result in a $30 fee.  Please give us 30 days to sell your item.  At the end of the 30 day term, you will have the option to either adjust the price or pick your item up.  


Updated 10-2-20 



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